Noise Pollution

by Sweet Darling

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released July 4, 2018

Thank you to Mira Medley for creating the album artwork.


all rights reserved



Sweet Darling Olympia, Washington

Challenging gender through synths and genuine feelings. 🏳️‍🌈

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Track Name: New Beds
The breeze blows through denim legs sweat drips down our foreheads. Summer clothes stuffed into garbage bags to be placed on new beds.
I like your hands on the desk.
You like this work best.

We are here for the day.
You are here as each moment passes away.
Turn my bones into meal.
So we can bake bread with how we feel.
Bury our hearts in the dirt.
Watch as our home grows from the earth.
Set my head to rest.
The city is drowned out by the pounding in your chest.

Home is now, we are home.

the sirens blare as we lay down the voices shouting all around, the warmth of the sun on our skin the comfort and love in our sin, the beauty of grocery stores and our feet on rocky shores, drunk baths on a Sunday holding hands as bands play, windows peering at mount tops and those old ladies in fabric shops, dad jackets and hikes through the woods rainfall on our vinyl hoods, walking through the streets of Tokyo wondering where we'll go.

But it doesn't matter, because this is home.
Track Name: Bright Lights/Neon Signs
Under bright lights and neon signs we fall in love with the future.
So take me to the disco and learn to let go, and we'll dance like we're sure.
That we have this time until we die, so let's spend it dancing.
Under bright lights and neon signs, we can be queens.
Track Name: So Take Me Home
It's getting late, so take me home. I want to be in your arms again.

This hill looks like a mountain, I can't make it back so put me in a car that's not ours.
Still lights become a stream as the car picks up speed, memories turn into stars.
Stripes of light race down your thigh, the speedometer clocks them in at 35 miles per hour.
The racetrack shifts to my hand, but it doesn't keep my attention not with those eyes of pure blue power.

I will fall, but first I'll fall into your arms.

Let's become this room a spiral of energy glowing blue.
Let the flame burn bright and block out the night.
Together we are the world together we are two souls.
Let's explode leaving behind nothing.
Track Name: 415 Boren
Gentle hands wrapped around mine, your quiet voice echoes in the air.
Droning voices murmur in our laps, explaining recipes we'll soon forget.
Water boils in a small kitchen, the sweat beats on my forehead, a makeshift dinner is served.
Curtains drawn, so no one can see we are guests this is not our home.

You are now, and I am here. Life goes too fast.

Grab a hold of my right hand, I'll grab ahold of your left. I won't let go if you remember the past has forsaken us and left us to die. In this moment, it's just you and I.

You are now
we are not who we once were
And I am here
past, present, and, future
Soon we'll all pass

We're an explosion of colors before it goes black. Watch the hues paint your sweater, creating something found in a picture book. The sun is setting, so look at the sky. In this moment, it's just you and I.

You are now
the day is almost over
And I am here
but it's not quite over yet
Life goes too fast

I am scared of the future, because the future brings death. But right now we are infinite, so let's live and breathe in it. Feel the beat in your chest and feel the beat in mine. In this moment, it's just you and I.

You are now
what will we say at the end
And I am here
who cares cause it's uncertain
Life is what we have

Like the stars that fade away, we are not meant to stay. Though life's not permanent, you are my favorite moment.
Track Name: Sierra's Song
There's a stillness in our apartment.
The moment before you play.
I watch your hands dance on the black keys
as your laughter fills the space.
Each note rings loud in my ears.
Your hands have warmed up this space.

This keyboard has become your voice.
I listen intently to every word you say.
Let's continue this conversation tomorrow.
We need our rest for the new day. I
Track Name: King St.
It's so loud in the city, it's a wonder how we sleep.
Characters that we can't read, in a language we don't speak.
Everything's so damn busy, everything's so exciting.
Look at all that we can see, it's a little overwhelming.

Each night, we stay inside.
We're too small for this all.
We take up more space when we're side by side.
At least together, we can grow in size.

We may be foreign queens, but we're learning to live on King.
I pretend I know these streets, all I know is where to eat.
Oh, I don't want to leave, can we stay here please?
But maybe this isn't you and me, maybe we're better for the trees.

Each night, we stay inside.
We're too small for this all.
We take up more space when we're side by side.
At least together, we can grow in size.

Oh darling hold me on this futon because I get scared.
This city's so large, but at least your there.
Out of 600,000, we are just two.
Maybe it's the lights, or maybe it's you.
Track Name: Heat
Just a few more blocks but I can't move.
The asphalt burns the soles right off our shoes.
I feel as though, we've been standing still.
Why do we always only walk uphill?

I'll play on the keyboard while you sew a dress.
It's 90 degrees, and our house is a mess.
I'm starting to melt because of the heat.
I just woke up, but I could already sleep.

These feet have taken us plenty of miles.
But 6th avenue is our biggest trial.
All I want is to go inside.
It's too hot, my brain is fried.

I'll play on the keyboard while you sew a dress.
It's 90 degrees, and our house is a mess.
I'm starting to melt because of the heat.
I just woke up, but I could already sleep.

Like the Modern English song, "I Will Melt With You"
Though I can't stand the heat, I think it's pretty cool.
I am going to melt into this room.
Darling won't you melt with me too?
Track Name: Turn On The Car
Everything is falling apart, or maybe it's coming together.
Whatever we do, don't let them steal our car.

What do we do? I'm scared and so are you.
I think it's time we get of here. At least, we're amped up from the fear.

Turn on the car turn on the car

I see a better place for you and for me.
Track Name: Home Is Now
Out of the five in the past three years, this is the one that feels most comfortable.
Big windows open up to greens, blues, and, pinks. Each morning, we stand before the world.
Light walls and muted hues keep us warm and free, keep us tucked away from fears.
Cabinets stuffed with plates and bowls filled with future dinners. And wine glasses clank in perpetual cheers.
Wooden chairs facing each other, they stand tall with such elegance and grace.
Your desk is mine, my couch is yours. Our house is full of dreams of white lace.

I'll draw the blankets and build you a fort, always safe, never alone.
I'll protect you from monsters hiding under our bed, always safe, never alone.

Take your time putting on your robe.
Wash my face, set out clothes.
Ready the bed, pull back the sheets.
Enter in somewhat hesitantly.

Darkness slowly fills our room.
All that's left is just me and you.

Bring me closer through the night.
Bring me closer and hold me tight.
I'll bring you closer through the night.
I'll bring you closer and hold you tight.

Wake me up, I want to see the day.
Wake me up to light spilling on your face.
Wake me up to the smell of coffee, and to young hands cooking.

Home is now, we are home.

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